Some word vomit

16 April 2022

Hey where the ffffrick did all the "affordable" housing in Fairbanks go?! This was not part of the contract!

I am astounded that I've only been here five days. Since the morning I planted my Docs in the Golden Heart known as Fairbanks, Alaska, I've stayed at an underground apartment that costed more per night than a night on the Strip in Vegas, a fancy hotel for free, and now this Airbnb location that I've been charged a week's stay for what it usually costs for one night; did I mention the whole time I was working 9-5 in a hotel, moving furniture from point A to B, then back to A because "the manager changed her mind"?????
That was a long sentence. It's been an equally long week. I'm gonna explain everything more and update things at random, so stay tuned.