Hi, I'm Art. No-one Asked, But I'm In Alaska

I'm journaling my last-minute, ill-prepared, seasonal gig at a hotel in Alaska, for my sanity and maybe for your entertainment. There will be moose.



By far the most common question I've been asked by friends and family is "Why Alaska?" Well... why not? 9 April 2022

That's the short answer. The long answer is essentially the same, though. I've been out of school for nearly a calendar year, and all I've done in that time was work at a dumb pizza place where everyone hates themselves and nearly everything else. I kinda reached a point where, seriously, why not? I'm young and relatively unburdened, and six months of time isn't going to be any worse for me than the full year I wasted prior. I want the adventure, uncertainty, frankly... anything other than the same old crap. Maybe I'll stumble on some piece of wisdom that will make me a functional human being, maybe I'll just sell myself to the Army. Anything's better than being stagnant.

About Me

I'm Art. In my little hometown, I graduated high school and got my Associate's in Arts in Music, ez. Then I moved to University, and two semesters later, I came back home with a failing grades, diagnosis of severe adult ADHD, and a girlfriend who was in much of the same situation I was. Six months working full time at a pizza place got me nowhere, and after stumbling upon an opportunity to work at a hotel in Alaska for a while, my girlfriend and I immediately took it. At this point, it couldn't hurt anything. Welp, that about catches you up to my situation lmao